Hello, my name is Caroline Taylor and I’m the author here at Not Just Wives and Mothers. Welcome! Here you can find out a little bit about me, what led me to setting up this blog and what I hope you get out of it.

At University I spent 4 years studying Church history and was always drawn to the role played by women. For my third-year dissertation, I decided to write about the women of the Reformation. I showed up to the first meeting with my supervisor, a well-respected historian, only to be told that my topic wouldn’t work because women in the Reformation were “just wives and mothers”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, so I left and found a new supervisor! Then, I spent the next 3 months researching the role gender played in how the women of the Reformation were perceived, persecuted and later, written out of history.

Since then I have continued researching the women of Church history and have been continually amazed by how little they are known and talked about in the Church today. While my twitter feed if often filled with quotes from Augustine, C.S.Lewis and Charles Spurgeon, the same hype does not exist around women of the faith such as Argula von Grumbach, Pandita Rambai and Fanny Crosby –in fact, I’d be willing to bet you had to Google at least one of those names!

This blog exists to help change that and fill the gap left in most Christian literature which all too often overlooks these women or focusses only on a handful of ‘women worthies’. I also hope that this blog draws attention to the unique struggles these women faced from both inside and outside the Church, because of their gender.

I hope you enjoy reading about these women and come to appreciate the contribution they made to the spreading of God’s Word. Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions. If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, subscribe in the box below and follow me on Twitter (@CarolineRuth) or follow the Not Just Wives and Mothers’ Instagram account!

What else am I up to?

I’m a Board Member for The Remedial Herstory Project : RHP is a New Hampshire based nonprofit founded and led by women educators and advocates under the advisement of women’s historians and college professors. It is dedicated to developing and providing inquiry-based learning materials on women’s history free to educators. In support of its mission, the RHP produces media, provides resources, and professional development in history for educators. You can find me writing some of their blog posts from time to time! If you’re an educator, check our the website for loads of cool things!