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A Brief History of Singleness and Single Women: The Early Church – Part 1

This first instalment in the ‘A Brief History of Singleness and Single Women’ series, looks at the first three centuries of the Christian Church. What did the cultures around it teach about singleness and marriage? How did the Early Church interpret New Testament teachings on singleness? What did it look like to be a single Christian woman?

Marie of Oignies – Adopting a life of poverty and sacrifice.

Marie of Oignies was born into a wealthy family. However, despite being surrounded with luxury, from a young age Marie desired to live a life of poverty and sacrifice. While her marriage, aged 14, could have derailed these ambitions, Marie carved her own way of living the religious life that influenced thousands of women like her.

Bona of Pisa – Medieval Travel Guide

Did you know that Christopher is not the only patron saint of travellers? Meet Bona the 13th-century pilgrim turned pilgrim guide. At 14, her faith inspired her to undertake dangerous pilgrimages across the world and she just didn’t stop until her death aged 51!

International Women’s Day 2021

March 8th marks International Women’s Day 2021. To celebrate I’ve created an activity booklet based on the lives of 10 women from church history!


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