Here you can find any posts which were one-off specials, were not part of any wider series or not specifically about one time period. Enjoy!

“When ye rede by yourselfe alone, ye oughte not to be hasty to rede moche at ones, but ye oughte to abyde thereupon, & som tyme rede a thynge ageyne twyes or thryes, or oftener tyl ye understand yt clerely.” – Myroure of Oure Ladye, 1460.

A Brief History of Singleness and Single Women: The Early Church – Part 1

This first instalment in the ‘A Brief History of Singleness and Single Women’ series, looks at the first three centuries of the Christian Church. What did the cultures around it teach about singleness and marriage? How did the Early Church interpret New Testament teachings on singleness? What did it look like to be a single Christian woman?